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Move & Connect Webinar Series
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Harnessing the Power of Nutrition — The Longevity Lab

July 25, 2023 | 1:00 pm PT

What do we need to put on our plate to add life to your years? What are some of the quick and easy ways we can nourish ourselves and feel our best? How can you overcome nutrition challenges?
In this free Zoom talk, Sherry Ogasawara addresses these questions and will share practical tips to eat and live well. Watch the recording below.

Additional Q & A with Sherry


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Sherry Ogasawara

Sherry is a registered dietitian, the owner of SO Fit Company – Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Consultants and specializes in population health and wellness promotion.
She is an experienced broadcast journalist and has been regularly featured in television, radio and print media. Sherry was the creator of “To Your Health” a weekly  CKPG news feature. She also co-authored the initial Can Fit Pro’s Nutrition and Wellness Specialist course manual.

She is a certified Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and holds several other specialty certifications including Zumba, Strong Nation, Pound and Pound Unplugged. 

She has presented for BCRPA, Can Fit Pro and IDEA World. With over 30+ years of experience teaching, training and sharing she has connected with and impacted thousands by translating the often complex and confusing language of nutrition science into a practical mix anyone can sink their teeth into. Her dynamic approach, boundless energy and philosophy of learning through laughter contributes to the educational experience for her audiences.

Her long-term vision is to live in a world where laundry folds itself, the sun never stops shining and the next generation never has to deal with the health issues the world is currently facing. When not out there trying to make a difference, Sherry can be found researching new recipes, listening to the latest true crime podcast or enjoying a lake day in mid-summer.

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